Baby V.O.X Fansite


4:49am 03-18-2023
This site is amazing! Thank you for making English content for international fans of Baby V.O.X to find!
5:58pm 12-07-2022
lee hyori

here's an article I wrote about baby vox! thought it might be helpful
11:26am 10-18-2022
daniel abc
great website, thanks for your work!!
2:31pm 08-13-2022
hi, my name is yerim. I grew up with baby vox's music and am ez biased. I love baby vox with all of my heart, and my mom was a OG stan back in the 90s-2000's. She bought every album, and went to almost every concert she could. And i thank you for making this site because as the years go by, its hard to find baby vox content.
Replied on: 8:29pm 09-08-2022

that's awesome! i'm so glad you were able to find the site

12:27am 07-17-2022
thank u soo much for making this site cuz ive been using translators for everything since like the end of 2020 and its so much easier having so much info on this one site.. babyvoxneocities we love you <3
Replied on: 8:23pm 09-08-2022

i love you too <3

8:46am 11-18-2021
Hi !
I have discovered your fansite by luck, searching informations about actress Lee Hee-jin.
Your site is a mine of informations, well write and easy to read.
Thanks a lot for your work !
I will follow him carefully, i become a true fan of Baby V.O.X !
Sweet regards from Paris !
Replied on: 1:32pm 01-03-2022

Thank you! Merci! >w<

7:09am 08-05-2021
hello! ive been into Baby V.O.X since last year, been wanting to know more about themm, tysm for creating this fansite! :>
Replied on: 1:32pm 01-03-2022

I'm glad to help!

11:36pm 04-09-2021
hey do u have any social platforms btw nice website <3:
Replied on: 5:56pm 08-03-2021

Thank you! Right now I'm not associating any social media accounts with the site.

2:12pm 03-24-2021
Hi, thank you so much for compiling all this information! It made it so much easier to learn about the group's achievements and background. Just some feedback would be to possibly make the text a bit easier to read. Maybe by making it bold? But still thank you again and good luck with the rest of the site <3
Replied on: 5:53pm 08-03-2021

Thank you for the feedback! I changed the colors of the body text so it's more readable now. I hadn't tested it on other displays so I didn't realize it was hard to read. Again, thank you for bringing this to my attention and for visiting the site! I'm glad you found it useful!

6:20pm 02-24-2021
so happy i was able to purchase their signed special album and special album VCD!!! i’m so excited for it arrive >.<
Replied on: 5:54pm 08-03-2021

That's awesome! Congratulations